Sunday, December 12, 2010

20 Facts About SNSD Taeyeon.

  1. Although she was the oldest in SNSD but he behaved like a maknae.
  2. Kim Taeyeon has the meaning 'The Great Beauty'
  3. Taeyeon from the southernmost parts of south korea
  4. her parents were shopkeepers glasses
  5. Taeyeon can speak Chinese language
  6. Tiffany is her roomate while still trainees, Sooyoung and Yoona is a former her roommates. And now this is what became her roomate Sunny.
  7. At school she had been dropped during the race she ran to get a fairly serious injury.
  8. SHe is very bad in using her left hand.
  9. Even when she typed, she only uses her right hand.
  10. All members agree Taeyeon is a member of the prettiest among them.
  11. When she visited her hometown, she likes to use her hometown accent
  12. she can sleep by talking, even when she was delirious in ChinChin radio. she also could sleep with eyes open, she could also sleep with her own style of yoga.
  13. she had fled when the trainees because they feel too tired.
  14. she is short-sighted so she's wearing contact lenses.
  15. she is best cooker second after Hyoyeon in SNSD.
  16. she could draw well.
  17. Sometimes she walks when sleeping.
  18. Usually when sleeping Taeyeon said "More! More! "(In korean) which makes the former roommatenya Yoona laughed out loud.
  19. Taeyeon so confident with his lips.
  20. Keroro because she does not like boring but one day Seohyun influence and now she also likes Keroro.
Credit to So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) Facebbok

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