Sunday, December 12, 2010

20 facts about SNSD sooyoung

1. In her house, she lived with her father, mother, sister, and a cute little dog named Jjanglee.
2. Her father, named Choi Jungnam, is an architect. There is also a contracting company owner. There is also a businessman. Just concluded, her father is an architect who also manages the company kontrkator.
3. Her mother, named Moon Soohee, is a homemaker. But she never became a teacher in class opera.
4. Her brother, named Choi Soojin, now studying in the field of literature. she also is a musical artist. Finally, she played with musical drama entitled DBSK Yunho Ggong.

5. Sooyoung ever debut in Japan at the age of 12 years with the duo called Route O. One's own group, Marina Takahashi, is Japanese. Route O is a group of 3-year project which is a joint Korea-Japan World Cup 2002.
6. While in Japan, he lived with BoA and The Grace Sunday.Therefore, until now Sooyoung call BoA "senpai" instead of "sunbaenim".
7. Sooyoung is the highest member in SNSD. At 170 cm tall debut.And he SURE getting higher though on the cover of the album was written Hoot height 170 cm (because of her debut when only 17 years old). The latest data from threadnya in SSF says that the high 173 cm. What is clear, as she stood lined up with Super Junior members, she looks the same height with Ryeowook, Sungmin and Donghae.
 8. Sooyoung never had a boyfriend. And other members often teased that she was eager to have a boyfriend.
9. About the problems mentioned above, Sooyoung never save her mother on his mobile phone number with the name Jo Insung.There, the SMS from the number that contain words such as "You are again doing?" Or "What Have you eaten?". But when the number is called, which sounded even her mother's voice. LOL
10. Sooyoung born in Gwangju (but there is also a saying in Seoul) on February 10, 1990
11. she was the third youngest member (1 year 4 months older than Seohyun and 3 months older than Yoona).
12. Although six other members of about a year older (6 members all born in 1989), Sooyoung not want to call them "Unnie", except at certain moments when she was there-wants.
13. Choi Sooyoung meaning of the name is a Luxury Flower petal (ga tau also means this or ga. Anyway Luxurious English Flower Petal).
14. Summer English name is Choi. This name is Jessica administration.
15. Japanese name is Che Suyon. she got this name when his debut in Japan.
16. she was known as a spokesperson for SNSD. she admitted that she often pushed to the front of the microphone by other members when they have to give a speech of thanks or the like. she is also known as decision over the responsibility for answering the questions "trap" and spoke to unpleasant situations.
17. she is close to several members of Super Junior like:-Siwon, Choi anyone know about the sibling and the fact that they go everywhere together (time in the mall / hotel in LA, time to visit Park Seung-Il in hospital, when Jason Ma's birthday, and after the SM Concert in LA they are also with mencurigakannya alone hold . They also took acting classes together and Siwon said they both promised if one of them starred in dramas or movies, then she should invite the other to be a cameo (ultimately proved to be a cameo in the drama Sooyong Siwon titled Oh My Lady). Siwon also often introduced as her cousin in their Sooyoung both surnamed Choi.-Sungmin, 7 months more to be co-DJ for Radio and Sungmin Chunji also been said Sooyoung name in thanks to album, Super Junior,-Yesung, SNSD time to be a star guest at Youngstreet Radio and Heechul told them to send a message to ask them what fauna is similar to another idol, Sooyoung send SMS to Yesung
18. she is also with DBSK Junsu, Yoochun and Yunho. Also by Ft Island Jaejin.
19. MBLAQ Leejoon once said, "Sooyoung speak well. she is tall and very good to us. "
20. Sooyoung call Sungmin "Ming-oppa" and Sungmin calling Sooyoung "Soong". Sungmin never say that fans may call him "Ming-oppa" like Sooyoung and that it is his favorite call.

Credit to So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) Facebbok

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